3 key website design mistakes eCommerce businesses make

When it comes to eCommerce, there are certain website design and development principles that should be observed in order to ensure a successful website. At Excalibur Digital, we’ve seen many eCommerce businesses making the same mistakes with their websites.

Knowing what those mistakes are will allow you to avoid them. Here are three of most regular offenders.

Form over function

The easiest way to turn customers away from your website is bad design. What is considered bad design? Lots of things – from ugly colour schemes to unintuitive user interfaces and out of date payment systems, the list goes on. It’s beyond important that your website is a pleasure you navigate.

At Excalibur Digital, we can help you to design a website that’s both functional and attractive. Usability needs to be the foundation on which your website is built, rather than flashy widgets and plugins that add nothing for customers.

Lack of security

Unless you have specific experience, it can be easy to build a website that’s not secure. Would you visit a website that was prone to viruses and theft of payment details? No! And neither will your customers. Security is a foundational aspect of website design and development, it cannot be overlooked.

When you deal with Excalibur Digital, we’ll make sure that your eCommerce website is designed from the ground up with security in mind. That means secure transactions, safe customer data, and enhanced brand appeal.

Poor optimisation

Another critical error that eCommerce websites make is not optimising their sites for the variety of traffic modern businesses receive. Many customers now do most of their shopping via their mobile or tablet. If your website is slow to load on phones, you’re going to lose out on business – that’s the bottom line.

Fortunately, when you have your website developed by Excalibur Digital, we can make sure your website is properly optimised for all traffic. This benefits both you and the customer. Your customers get to enjoy convenient shopping, and you make sure you don’t miss out on any leads.

Make sure your website is mistake-free with Excalibur Digital.

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