Does your eCommerce website need a blog?

All eCommerce websites need to harness the power that digital communication can offer – your website is your window to the world, and your opportunity to promote yourself accordingly. One of the greatest tools in this arsenal is a blog, but what benefits can a blog offer your eCommerce website?

Fresh content

It’s very easy for websites to start feeling stagnant. Large updates, refreshes, and changes might not come around that often, and a website that feels like it hasn’t been touched in a long time can be off-putting to new visitors. A blog, however, is an easy and simple way for you to keep your website fresh. Even weekly updates can be a signal to visitors that your business is thriving.


A blog is a great way to update your customers on your latest offers, deals, products, and services. The key benefit of a blog, however, is that it allows you to go into a little more detail than your standard promotional tool. This means readers will be even more aware of just how much they have to gain from what you’re offering, without it feeling like advertising.

Experience sharing

Your blog is your way to show your customers your level of experience and to develop your authority in the marketplace. Use it to provide insight into the way your business works for example, or provide helpful tips and tricks for your buyers. Rather than simply promote your products, offer helpful suggestions on the ways they could be used. The more benefit you offer your visitors, the higher regard they will hold you in.

Getting started is easy

Incorporating a blog into your eCommerce website is easy, and has a lot of potential benefits to offer you. It can help you to build a community, share your experience, promote your products, and improve your brand image. To learn more about how a blog can help your eCommerce business thrive, or to discuss the options available to you, be sure to contact Excalibur Digital today.

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