3 mistakes to avoid on your ecommerce website

There is little doubt that website design and development is super critical for all types of business. This is something to think about not only when setting up your website initially but also revamping it periodically over time. Ecommerce sites certainly need to think hard about this and ensure their site is helping them convert traffic into sales.

But what common web design mistakes should your ecommerce site avoid?

Looking old fashioned or outdated

This is quite a common issue for older sites that have been around for a while. While they might have looked fresh and funky when first rolled out, that may not be the case after a while. While good web design will certainly stand the test of time, you may sometimes need to refresh your site to take into account changing trends. If your ecommerce website starts to look tired or old compared to your competitors, you will find it hard to keep people on it and make sales.

Poor user experience

Next to how it looks, a common mistake many businesses in this sector make is offering a poor user experience. Even if your site looks awesome, people will bounce off it once they realise it is a real pain to use. Common things to look out for here include confusing layouts, slow load speeds and badly written content. Whether you are setting up a new site or reviewing your current one, you should not make mistakes which harm your UX.

Poor quality product images

As well as how your site looks in general, you do not want to make the mistake of using poor quality product images. These are absolutely essential for any online business which sells goods and should be as fabulous as possible. If your customers cannot see what you want them to buy properly, they will simply not bother. Another common mistake in the same area is not offering enough images to view per product. While you do want to go overboard, a few from the most relevant angles which show off the main features are wise to drive sales.

Website design in Kent with Excalibur Digital

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