What should you look out for when choosing a web hosting service?

All businesses these days need a responsive and great looking website to attract customers with. While web design is key in this, web hosting is also something to think about carefully. Your web host essentially gets your site online and keeps it there for people to visit. There are lots of hosting companies out there though and this can make selecting one hard. What should any decent hosting company provide?

Great customer support

As with everything in life, any web hosting company you sign-up with should offer superb customer service. This will mean you can easily get in touch with them if something goes wrong and get it sorted out quickly. A good tip here is to look at online reviews first or contact them yourself to check out how they deal with you.

Range of plans

Another great idea when looking for web hosting is choosing a company which has a range of hosting plans to use. This will mean you can pick the one that is right for your business and that fits your budget. There is no point in smaller businesses being forced to pay more for a hosting plan which contains more bandwidth than they need for example! Make sure to find a host that has a plan which is just right for your own needs.

Server location

Another feature of web hosting to consider is where the server you will be on is located. In an ideal world, you would want the server you are on to be as close to the majority of visitors to your site. This will mean that the site is quicker to access for them and more responsive when they use it. Although you may not be doing anything wrong, doing business in one country but via a server that is located on the other side of the world can see you penalised by some search engines also.

Web hosting with Excalibur Digital

If you are looking for web hosting in the UK, let us help. Based in Kent, our expert team are always on hand and our UK-based servers offer top level performance. We also offer a range of hosting plans to suit all size of business. Get in touch via our website form for more details.

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