Is your website performance looking a bit jaded? Try these three tips to help!

When it comes to your company’s website, how it performs is critical. Even a slight drop-off in responsiveness or page load speeds can see consumers heading somewhere else. This is naturally a very bad sign for your business! If you find that your site performance is a bit lacking, there could be a range of things causing it.

Why not consider implementing the below tips for starters to help?

Try to reduce HTTP requests

One possible cause of slow website performance could be the amount of HTTP requests it is being asked to handle. These requests happen every time that a page, image or file is fetched from a web server. It is estimated that around 80% of page load times are down to this! A few simple tips on reducing HTTP requests include cutting back on the number of images your site uses per page or combining images across a CSS sprite sheet.

Consider browser caching

If you have not come across browser caching before, it can really give your site’s performance a boost. Caching means that site assets can be downloaded once into a users temporary computer storage and then accessed quickly when needed again. The net result of this is faster page load speeds and quicker site responsiveness. By enabling this feature on your site, you can really see some great results.

Look at what sort of hosting you have

Website hosting can also play a part in how well your site measures up. It is therefore a good idea to review your web hosting plan if you notice performance levels drop. While shared hosting may be cheaper, it can impact your website speed as you are sharing the server with multiple other sites. To bring your speed back up, you could think about switching to a dedicated server which you have sole access to.

Website performance is vital

As we have already noted, how your business website performs is crucial to how your whole company performs. While the above are some great tips to get started with, there are a whole host of other reasons your site performance may be poor. Why not call Excalibur Digital to have a chat and let us handle fixing your site in the most effective way? Based in Kent, you can leave your site performance to the experts while you focus on looking after the rest of your business.

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