Common myths about cloud computing

Are you yet to migrate your company’s IT systems to the cloud? Are you considering making the transition to cloud computing but are faced with conflicting information? Do you want to use a cloud web hosting service but are unsure where to start?

Let’s take a closer look at what cloud computing is

Broadly speaking, cloud computing is perceived in today’s business world as the road to innovation and experimentation thanks to its on-demand availability and excellent data storage capabilities. Indeed, over the past decade or so the field of cloud computing has been altering the way people engage with technology by changing the way they work and making collaborative tasks, for example, much quicker and easier.

For all of its good points, however, a number of myths surrounding the uses and security of cloud computing have developed in recent years. Fortunately, we’ve debunked a few of the most commonly repeated myths to help you make an informed decision about whether cloud computing is for you:

Myth #1: Cloud computing is not as secure as on-premise technologies

Cloud computing is often perceived as being less secure than on-premise alternatives. In some ways, this is understandable as data storage options on the cloud are less tangible and trusting them can feel like a leap of faith. In reality, however, the public cloud has experienced very few security breaches since its launch, and most serious data breaches concern on-premise data centres.

Myth #2: Cloud computing can replace a data centre

It is not necessarily advisable to shut down a data centre and move all of your important data and applications to the cloud. Indeed, deciding how to use cloud technologies can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Myth #3: You will need to re-write reams of code for a cloud hosting service

Generally speaking, if you decide to make the transition to a web hosting service provider, you will not need to re-write your site’s code. Indeed, clouds are built in a similar way to dedicated web servers and do not require any special coding. Occasionally, web hosting services use challenging platforms that will require a little code modification, so it is important that you discuss any possible issues with them first.

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