3 great organic SEO tips

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, quickly became a buzz-phrase when the opportunity to advertise online grew in popularity. There are paid SEO solutions which should be used as part of an effective digital marketing strategy, but there are also opportunities to maximise SEO organically, to help increase the visibility of your website and help you attract more traffic. Below we’ve listed three of the best organic SEO tips for you to maximise the return from your website.

Clever content

To decide which pages rank highest in Google search results, the search engine uses its algorithm to search online content to find which sites it deems most relevant to certain keywords. Content that is unique will always rank highest on a SERP (search engine results page) meaning that the more regularly you post fresh, interesting, engaging content, the more likely you are to see your website ranking highly in a Google search.

Link build

The number one factor that will increase your position on a SERP is the number of links you have from other websites, which recommend your site by including a link to you on their own site. It is imperative you use only ‘white hat’ links, which are from relevant, reputable sources, as any attempt to buy links will be dealt with negatively from Google, and you could, in fact, see your website’s ranking place fall. The more authoritative sites, that link back to your site, the greater your chances of increasing your place in a SERP.

Online presence optimisation

Mobile has, for a while now, overtaken desktop as the main device people use to search online, which is probably unsurprising considering the amount of time we all spend with our phones attached to us. To ensure your brand is recognised online, you need to ensure you’re optimised across all online channels you use, from social media to your website, so that wherever your potential customers are in terms of platform, they can find you.

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