5 core components of any great eCommerce product page

At the end of the day, there is one core reason you develop eCommerce capabilities within your website, and that is to drive sales. This means that having put in tonnes of design work, you need to ensure that your product pages are able to convert as well as possible and give your business the best chance of success.

So, if you’re in the design process now, or are looking to improve your site’s eCommerce conversions, here are the five core components that any great eCommerce product page can’t do without.

1. Reviews

Reviews are the easiest way that any would-be customer can check out that what you are selling is both legitimate and worth purchasing. Of course, most eCommerce sites do have review functionality built into them, but what is surprising is how many sites fail to make use of them. To help boost sales, put effort into encouraging every customer to leave a review, and incentivising them to do so, such as with 15% off their next purchase.

2. Great product descriptions

Be sure to create unique and enticing content for every single product on your site. This means going well beyond simply including bullet point notes of its dimensions and functions and putting in real effort. Not only will this increase conversions, but it will also help with your SEO efforts.

3. Pricing

This point is pretty straightforward, but ensure that the price and postage costs of your product are clearly listed and visible, and be sure to include an enticing ‘Add To Cart’ button beside it.

4. Attention grabbing media

The very nature of eCommerce means that people are unable to physically see and touch the product before buying, so you need to help them out. Include multiple high-quality pictures and videos with every single listing that clearly demonstrates the quality and functionality of what you are selling.

5. Related products

If someone is willing to buy once from you, then they are more likely to want to buy multiple products, so give them the easiest chance by including ‘Related Products’ below the current listing.

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