Four 2017 web design trends

The wind of change blows strongly through website design, which is continually evolving in line with emergent technology, client demands and consumer tastes. At this point in 2017, it’s an apt juncture at which to look back at the first six months of the year, and pick out four trends which have come to the fore of website design:

1. The return of retro

We might look at website design as a cycle, which when it comes around fully can return to a point in time which was years, if not decades ago. That appears to have been the case this year, as vintage typography and images given the black and white treatment appear to have been used increasingly. We have also seen the return of psychedelic styles more associated with the early 1990s or 1960s.

2. Big, bold statements

Companies from a wide range of sectors have a few branding messages to get across to their target markets. This type of messaging lends itself perfectly to the big and bold type fonts, which allows copy that is intended to be powerful and inspiring to really shine through. It is a copywriter’s job to come up with the words, while a website designer makes them sing, using these type of fonts, as well as suitable backgrounds.

3. Modular design

Websites perform an important role as an information hub, and for companies with many services or products to advertise, modular design can be a godsend. It allows for the better organisation of numerous different elements on one page, typically a home page, and is not restrictive in terms of styling.

4. Duotone

Some striking website and ad designs over the last few months have featured duotone in some respect – this is the use of two predominant colours which dominate a website’s styling, not inclusive of black and white. This design really makes for some stunning creations, and is well combined with text or images in a third colour, for which duotone provides the perfect background.

We hope you find this article on website design trends in 2017 useful, and we look ahead to the last six months of the year with interest – which other trends will emerge?

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