How cloud computing can considerably reduce your infrastructure costs

Cloud computing has much to offer businesses in terms of the way they work. Backing up, sharing, and using data becomes effortless when you invest in the cloud. But the cloud has many more tangible real-world benefits to offer businesses as well, and one of the most important ones to know about is the savings you can make on your infrastructure costs.

The problem with expensive infrastructure

If you’ve ever tried to purchase computing equipment, you’ll know that it’s far from cheap. Your business needs both hardware and software to be competitive in the technological age, but it all costs money. You can, of course, choose second-hand equipment, which may be a little cheaper but you will have to instead take a risk on it being unreliable.

The problem gets worse when you realise that infrastructure investment is not a “one off” cost – technology moves quickly, and you can be in a position where you need to invest regularly or risk your current infrastructure not being able to handle your needs. This can drastically eat into your working capital, which as a small business is extra precious.

How can cloud computing help with this?

So how does cloud computing reduce the investment you need to make in your infrastructure? The main way it does this is by limiting the technical requirements of the infrastructure on your end. As cloud computing shifts most of the processing power to the side of the server your data is stored on, that means that storage doesn’t have to be handled by you.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means that your infrastructure can continue to be useful and viable for much longer, and you won’t need such powerful machines when you do invest in it. You won’t have to spend so much on the machines you use, and you can use them for much longer without making any sacrifices in usability – indeed the cloud actually makes it easier.

If you would like to learn more about how shifting to cloud computing can save your business money, contact Excalibur Digital today.

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