Why all backlinks are not equal

Backlinks to websites are a lot like votes, they tell Google that content is credible, valuable and useful. If your website has plenty of good backlinks, it will help your pages to rank higher in search results. This will make your website far more visible, and increase traffic to your website. However, not all backlinks are equal in value. Here we explain why.


Google places high emphasis on relevancy.

For example, a furniture maker places backlinks on two pages of his website, one about furniture restoration, the other about loft conversions.

Only one of the backlinks is relevant to his website content. Google will recognise that backlink and credit it. The other backlink related to loft conversions will not be given credit because it’s not related to furniture.


Google likes backlinks from web pages that are considered high authority.

For example, you’re at a work conference and you’re seen talking to the CEO. Everyone around you is impressed and that connection has boosted your credibility.

High authority backlinks in the online world are like the important person you were seen talking to. Google views them as highly desirable links from well respected and trusted sources. As such, they’ll increase your page ranking score.


If a backlink is placed in a prominent position and is easily identifiable, it will get noticed. If it’s placed in a vague position, like the footer, and looks the same as the rest of the text on that page, it’s likely to be overlooked. The placement of a backlink is really important because if it’s missed, there will be no click-throughs, so Google won’t know the backlink exists.

Don’t overdo it

Posting backlinks is great for SEO, but putting too many on one page will make search engines think some of them are spam. Be mindful of the relevancy of the content you are linking to, and always think carefully about where the backlink should go.

Getting your backlink strategy right can be complex, but with the help of an expert, it can boost your page ranking. Contact us today to find out exactly how we can help.

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