Why are you still not using Google Analytics to improve website performance?

A high-performing website can make a huge difference in the success of your business.

Learning how people find you, how they interact with your website, what kind of search term they use to look for your product or service and what they do when they are visiting your site is all key information that can help you improve your website performance.

Luckily, all of this information is freely available using ‘Google Analytics’. It provides you with huge amounts of data about who is visiting your website, where they are visiting from, what they are searching for to find you, their behaviour when they reach your site and how much time they spend on various site pages. Armed with this information you will know exactly how to produce content that will improve website performance. So why are you not already using it?

Here are just some of the essential metrics GA offers that you can use to help improve the user-friendliness of your website…

1. Page visits

As you dig into your website analytics you’ll no doubt begin to spot trends – you’ll see which of your pages are the most popular, so you may decide to put your ‘calls to action’ on those pages to boost sales and customer email collection. You can also find out which of your pages are under-performing, so you can use the information to tweak these pages to make them better.

2. Bounce rate

The bounce rate of a site tells you what percentage of visitors visited the site, looked at one page and then left. This could indicate that your pages aren’t engaging your readers much, or aren’t encouraging them to look around your site. You can improve this by putting more information on your pages or links to other, more useful pages on your site.

3. Acquisition

Analytics gives you information on how you attract your site visits – usually from sources such as organic traffic (they searched Google and found you), social (they saw you on social media and visited your site), paid (they saw an ad you paid for), referral (they clicked a link from another site to yours). With this information, you can put extra effort into your most successful channels to attract even more visitors.

A high-performing website can be a huge asset to your business, so take the time to dig through your analytics data and you can give your business a boost.

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