Choosing the perfect domain extension for your website

You need to decide on a domain name extension for your website. There are over 1500 to choose from, but you are probably familiar with the main ones (.com, .org, .net, .info). Each one can make a difference to your website performance by affecting your SEO and general searchability, so it is important to choose correctly.

Luckily, selecting the right extension is easy. Here is a breakdown of the different options for your website.


According to Hosting Facts, about 43.59% of all domains use .com as their chosen extension. There is a reason for this popularity. It is often the best option. If a customer is trying to guess the name of your website, they will often try the .com extension first. For example, if they were searching for a website about hotels, they would probably type ‘’ into the search bar. They would be less likely to search for ‘’ or ‘’. Their first instinct, and the instinct of millions of other internet users, is to go with the .com domain extension.

.net / .org

If you are particularly unlucky, the .com extension may have already been taken for your chosen domain name. In this instance, .net and .org are great alternatives. They are almost as popular as the .com extension. There are a couple of points to be aware of, of course. The .net extension is usually used by technology or computer companies, while .org is usually used by non-profit or socially motivated companies.

Country-specific domain extensions are another option. Some customers are impressed when a website is based locally, and is a gentle reminder that you operate inside the United Kingdom. If you want your visitors to know that you are a local company, then is a better choice than .com.

.tv, .ai

As a final option, it is often worth checking a list of unusual domain extensions. An uncommon extension might jump out as the perfect choice for your website. Do you manufacture televisions? Use the .tv extension. Are you programming artificial intelligence? Try the .ai extension. You might be surprised by what you find.


Overall, the .com extension is the best option for most websites, but there are also some interesting alternatives. Choosing the best option will help with your website performance, improve your SEO, and contribute to the success of your website. If you need more advice on building the perfect website, then contact us at Excalibur Digital today.

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