3 tips for maximising ecommerce sales

Ecommerce sites can be very easy to set up online. Because of the smaller fixed costs, more and more people are choosing to sell their goods and services over the internet rather in a traditional high street shop.

However, just setting up a store doesn’t mean that you will automatically make money. Even if you have a great product there are still a number of things you need to consider in order to boost sales.

1. Consider your SEO

Before your website starts selling to customers, it first needs to attract these customers! This is where having a great SEO, or search engine optimisation, strategy comes in. By making your website appear higher in returned searches in websites like Google and Yahoo, end users are more likely to click the link that takes them to your store. This means your pool of potential customers will greatly increase, allowing you to convert these visitors into paying clients.

2. Have an easy checkout process

One of the most common places that websites lose customers is during the checkout process. If users have to fill out too many details, or this stage takes too long, then people will get bored and leave their online shopping basket full. One of the best ways to streamline the process is by introducing a ‘checkout as guests’ area, which allows people to quickly complete their purchases, giving them more time for the rest of their day.

3. Advertise your deals

Creating special offers is usually likely to increase your sales, but these offers need to be seen by people for them to work. If no one knows you have a special offer on, then no one will buy your product because of it. Email advertising is often the most effective way to advertise your new deals to the widest number of people for the lowest price. Make sure you have an effective and up to date email list for the greatest return on investment.

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