Three features your e-commerce store can’t do without

An e-commerce store is an essential component of a modern business’s website. Today’s consumers expect to be able to order products and services online and may ignore businesses that expect them to visit physical outlets. Furthermore, the quality of your e-commerce facilities can have an impact on your SEO efforts and your website’s conversion rate. Viewers can ‘bounce’ off websites that lack high-quality e-commerce facilities, which can undermine your site’s search engine optimisation.

On the other hand, an intuitive and well-developed e-commerce store can encourage viewers to become customers almost instantly. Here at Excalibur Digital, we are experts in both SEO and website design. Ergo, we know exactly what features your e-commerce store needs to help it bolster your site’s SEO and appeal to ordinary consumers.

1. An always-visible digital basket

As you are surely aware, the ‘basket’ in an e-commerce store shows all the products that a user has added to their list of intended purchases and how much they will cost in total. Many websites require users to click through to a dedicated page to view their basket. However, this requires users to stop browsing the e-commerce store itself in order to check how much they’re spending, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. It can even cause some consumers to abandon the e-commerce store. To avoid this problem and ensure your site’s users convert into customers, you should include a basket which is visible in the top corner of every page of your e-commerce store.

2. One-click purchases

Once a customer has entered their payment details once, they shouldn’t have to do so again. In fact, you should aim to streamline the purchasing process as much as possible by offering a one-click purchase option. Simply adding a button that allows consumers to buy any item or service instantly can encourage customers who have already entered their payment details to stay on your site and buy more goods or services. This can reduce your bounce rate and encourage repeat custom, which is good for your website and your business.

3. A search bar

Some consumers may come to your site looking for a specific product. You can help them by simply adding a search bar to your e-commerce store. The faster a customer can find the product that they want, the more likely they are to buy it. They are also less likely to exit your site.

By including these features in your e-commerce store, you can ensure that it’s a boon to your conversion rate and doesn’t undermine your SEO efforts. As SEO and web design experts, we can help you develop these features for your site and offer advice on incorporating them. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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